Western Wall Sconce Candle Holder Set


Crafted by hand in the USA

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Lantern style wall sconce candle holder

Our wall sconce candle holder is all about western glam!  These wall sconces let off all kinds of shine when the lanterns are glowing with flame.  The lantern has cut outs of starts which will reflect on the ceiling when lit.  Everybody likes the warm romantic glow that a room gets at night by candle lighting.

This set of two western wall sconces are a wonderful pair to dress your walls in western glamour.  Not only do they offer grand wall decor, they offer candle lighting that is safe from accidents, pets and kids.  Spilled wax and fire can often kill a romantic atmosphere.

This wall sconce set is every bit handcrafted.  From cutting the wall plaque down to placing each tack individually in place to create a stunning piece of art.  First the plaque is routered and stained.  It is then covered in a tri-color hair on hide cowhide and overlaid with black embossed leather.  Then our artisan, by hand, places tacking one by one to secure the two leathers.  After that, cast iron hooks are installed to suspend the copper lanterns and finally the bottom of each sconce is accented with a hand painted cast iron star.

Undoubtedly, pain staking effort goes into these sconces to create such perfection.  These sconces hold a lot of tacks!  It is tacked with nickel tacking and copper accent tacking which boldly shines from behind the lit lanterns.

Some quick details:

  • Wall sconce candle holder set of 2
  • Sconces measure 16″ tall x 8″ wide and protrudes approximately 7″ from wall.
  • Each sconce, with lantern, weighs approximately 5 lbs.
  • Materials include: Genuine hair on cowhide, genuine embossed leather, wood, metal and cast iron.
  • They have hangers on the back for easy wall placement.
  • These candle wall sconces are handmade to order only.
  • Please allow approximately 3 weeks for your finished product to ship.
  • Your order will ship via UPS ground from our artisan in Arizona, USA
  • No sales tax applies to your orders at Your Western Decor

Great pride goes into these handcrafted products, using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. These designs are unique and created only by our artisan, right here in the USA.

You may find replicas, but they will not match the attention to detail and perfection that we offer as our standard.  Please note though, that all cowhide and handcrafted items vary.  No two will be exactly alike.  Hide scars, aged characteristics in wood and leathers will vary.  Differences and slight imperfections are not considered defects.

We offer several choices for decorating in cowhide accents.  See our Cowhide Decor category for some great ideas for your home.

Weight12 lbs

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