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Premium Brazilian Cowhide Rugs For Sale!


We offer all natural cowhide rugs for sale.  Cowhide decor is a great way to add some western flavor to your décor. There are many different breeds of cows and Your Western Décor features several choices and selections of cowhides for sale. Hair on hide rugs look great with virtually any type of décor and is not limited to rustic western décor themes only. For instance, we have seen stylish and cozy modern décor themed areas. They add just the right amount of texture and natural color.

Cowhide is the natural skin and hair of a cow. Cowhide rugs vary in size and color because they retain the original coloring of the cow. Cowhides are used to make an assortment of great items including leather items.

Cowhides are available in varying quality and the ones that we select to offer to you on our Western Home décor site are real, not faux, Brazilian Cowhides that are both beautiful and durable. Tanned impeccably, they are wonderful additions to any room. Our customers put them in their main living rooms and bedrooms. We offer hair on hide rugs for sale in the following sizes:  Large, (6′ x 6′) X Large, (7′ x 6′) and XX Large (8′ x 6′).  Sizes are approximate but very close.

Click to see the different options of cowhide rugs for sale that we have currently in stock. We only sell premium Quality cowhide rugs. These should never shed, under normal circumstances, so you should have no flyaway hair issues.

dark brindle cowhide rugLooking for a specific color of cowhide rug? We carry a large selection of different patterns and colors. Those trying to find a solid color cowhide rug, should check out the solid black cowhide rugs we have in the shop, or the white cowhide rug we have currently listed. Solid cowhide rugs exude luxury and add flair to the space. If the white and black solid options are not exactly the rustic western décor option you were looking for, check out the Palomino cowhide rug that is a buttery smooth gold palomino color, with white accents.

Brindle cowhide rugs are particularly beautiful. Brindle is a streaky patterned coat, with brown and tawny streaks of color. The dominant color can be light or darker, so brindle cowhide rugs can be dark brindle or a lighter brindle color. For a colorful display, look at the Tri-Color cowhide rugs that we carry, or check out the black and white cowhide rug that we feature. We also feature brown and white if the stark black and white is not exactly what you are searching for. Similar to brindle, the speckled cowhide rugs are a wonderful patterned item. We carry brown and white speckled and white and black speckled cowhide rugs for sale.

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